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Welcome to Fourzol Web page


Distance from Beirut: 58km
Altitude: 975m
The name Fourzol has its origins in the Aramaic language, meaning iron mine. This Beqa'a town is considered to have the oldest Christian heritage in Lebanon and contains many archeological sites: strongholds, funerary caves, the remnants of a castle that overlooks Ba'albeck, and the scant remains of a Roman temple.

It is also worthwhile to visit Wadi Al-Habis (Valley of the Hermit), a 2 km distance away from the center of the town. The place was used as a sanctuary for monks and hermits, and there are a number of tombs, shrines and rock-cut sanctuaries from Roman and Byzantine times.

In the northern part of town, at the top of a hill, a number of sculpted monuments can be seen. From this viewpoint, the remains of an ancient quarry can also be seen on the opposite hill, where sculptors of bygone days left imprints of their carvings.


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